Asia Deli

About us

Asia Deli

ASIA DELI’s purpose is to sublimate Asian and fusion cuisine, mixing innovations and traditional products. To reach excellence, our itamaé (sushi masters), trained in Switzerland or in Japan, have all the necessary know-how, assiduity, but also passion. We work only with first quality products to create, for you, exceptional pieces (hoso-maki, chu-maki, nigiri), poke bowls, salads, and other Asian products. ASIA DELI was created in 2019, as a premium brand of Sushi Mania SA.

Our vision

Serving Asian dishes with high quality ingredients to savour every bite.

Our mussion

Create a pleasant environment where you can enjoy sushi and much more while enjoying the moment.

Innovation is our purpose

Anushiravan (Kami) Durst, Manager of ASIA DELI, explains what motivates him to innovate.

In order to ensure a rich and original assortment, we focus on high quality, freshness of products and constant innovation.

To do this, we let us be inspired by trends from all over the world.

We want our customers to have an extraordinary culinary experience.

The transmission of a passion

At ASIA DELI, basic learning and lifelong training are inseparable from our activity, in order to maintain our know-how at the highest level to satisfy you.

Eduardo Dias, in-house trainer, is a Master Itamae. He shares his life between Switzerland and Japan and has participated in competitions such as the World Sushi Cup, gathering the best itamae in the world.

The training at ASIA DELI is very thorough and includes many aspects, such as the selection and control of products, the cutting of fish following precise rules, hygiene and safety standards, and the attention to detail to ensure the quality and presentation of the final products.

Several of our Sushi Chefs have also had the opportunity to specialize in Japan, in the best training centers. If technique is essential, the impregnation of Japanese culture and the transmission of a passion will lead to the excellence sought.

During your next visit to one of our sushi bars, do not hesitate to ask your questions to our Sushi Chefs, who will be happy to share their passion for this culinary art with you.

Safety first

As we only work with ultra-fresh products, hygiene and respect of standards are essential. This is why numerous quality controls are regularly carried out throughout the logistics and production chain. Suppliers are also audited on a regular basis. Discover the control procedures in this video.

For ASIA DELI, it is essential to guarantee the quality of the products and the respect of all the hygiene and sanitary prescriptions.

The raw materials that we receive are controlled at their arrival. We check the temperatures, the conformity to the order forms, the dates, the aspect and the smell.

A second check is carried out during preparation. Personal hygiene and cleanliness of the work place are imperative. We insist on regular hand washing and glove changes to avoid any contamination of allergens between products. The equipment is washed at each change of preparation.

All vegetables are thoroughly washed and soaked in vinegar to eliminate germs. Fish is rechecked during preparation.

All products are labeled, dated, and stored in the refrigerators in a way that respects the FIFO principles (FIFO = First In, First Out)

Internal controls are carried out daily, the products at the end of the date are taken out of the shelves, and external controls are also carried out unexpectedly.

As we work with ultra-fresh and premium quality products, we have extremely strict internal rules and the greatest rigor is demanded of all employees. The aim is that you can enjoy the best products, without ever having to worry about quality.