Sustainable products and packaging

ASIA DELI focuses on sustainable products and packaging. The cardboard trays are produced in Switzerland, and the lids are made from recycled plastic. For the raw materials, we select the best quality to guarantee fresh and tasty dishes. The fish is MSC or ASC certified. For example, the tuna comes from the Pacific Ocean, where it is line-caught by independent fishermen. As soon as it is caught, the tuna is put on ice and the cold chain is guaranteed all the way to Switzerland (-60°C so that it keeps its texture, colors and flavors).


Discover our new Asia Deli sauces

Zukedon Sauce

Goes well with tuna, salmon, poke, donburi or chirachi.

Yamakake Sauce

Perfect with tuna, meat or vegetables.

Shichimi Sauce

Perfect for meat, poultry, vegetables, soups and even ramen.

Yuzu Sauce

Goes well with tuna and all shellfish.

Teriyaki Sauce

Perfect with poultry, meat, salmon, eel and vegetables.